TikTok Artist, San Francisco

Every decade, music fans are gifted a prodigy with a talent and vision transcendent of their birthdate��Pharrell Williams to Tyler the Creator. The next unicorn comes courtesy of Columbia Records. San Francisco native, 24kGoldn is an 18-year-old rapper, singer and arranger who already possesses the adventurous delivery of a Young Thug and song craftsmanship of Future. Add on the fact that he is also a freshman at the University of Southern California and his special begins to crystallize. Melody is Goldn�s muscle. His smorgasbord of rhyme style initially snatched the attention of DJBooth.net. After an early 2018 post on �Soundcloud rappers� went viral, he decided to separate himself with the infectious �Balling Like Shareef.� Inspired by the high school basketball dominance of Shaquille O�Neal�s son, the breakout song finds its author spitting a fiesta of hoop metaphors atop a flow as fun as the Black Mayo-produced track. The championing of Djbooth.net landed the young talent on a flight toward the office of decorated music executive Barry Weiss. Blown away by the teen�s intelligence, charisma, and ear for music, Weiss inked the future star to his RECORDS label (distributed by SONY). Although Goldn loves a good freestyle session, he navigates his embryonic career with the strategic and purposeful intent of a CEO��in the classroom and studio. He remembers Social Studies being his favorite course��reflected by his diverse social media optimization and 50K following. Now he�s on scholarship, majoring in Business at USC, with a trajectory that screams young mogul. His ingenuity and drive is unrivaled by any other MC too young to consume alcohol. When an early jones for throwback Jordans blossomed into a full blown sneaker addiction��one that Goldn�s parents refused to sponsor��he learned the trade of selling and reselling coveted footwear (His mantra: �A �No� simply means �Not right now.��) Hustling kicks would later fund his affinity for designer fashion. That stylish persona is the driver of his upcoming EP, Dropped Outta College, comprised of caffeinated songs (ex. �Valentino,� a sparkler of a track destined to fuel youthful dance floors). A former honors student who pumps positivity with mumble-deficient bars is a glass of water for a thirsty culture. Unheard of is a teenage rapper with balanced goals like Snapchatting from NYC�s Fashion Week and teaching financial literacy to his future label. That is, until now. The future looks Goldn.