Eddie Corral

CEO & Founder, Peer Tracks

Eddie Corral is a 30+ year veteran in the field of recorded music. He�s worked and is experienced in all areas of the music industry. A twenty one year voting member of The Recording Academy NARAS, Eddie has worked for Radio One and Clear Channel/iHeart, has developed multiplatinum acts and has scouted and worked for Universal Music Group, MCA, Epic and Atlantic Records. He currently runs his own music publishing company and develops previously undiscovered talent. He began his career with one of the biggest concert promoters in the country at the time � PACE Concerts. Eddie also has a background in finance, having carried a series 3, 7 and 63 licenses as a broker and trade floor experience at the Chicago Board of Trade CBOT. His leadership skills, knowledge and experience in navigating the corporate world have proven essential in implementing and executing the overall vision for PeerTracks and the SOUNDAC Blockchain.