Frank Scibilia

Co-Chair, Digital Media Groups, Pryor Cashman

Frank represents content owners in all types of matters involving copyright law � including litigation, licensing, enforcement, clearance and due diligence � with a focus on digital music issues. His work has a direct financial impact on his music industry clients, their songwriters and recording artists, and the industry as a whole. Frank regularly handles and litigates complex copyright and related issues, especially those concerning the technological exploitation of music. Frank has, for example, been involved in the Phonorecords III CRB proceedings to determine rates and terms for the Section 115 compulsory license; virtually all of the seminal cases establishing the boundaries of the DMCA and its limitations on liability for the reproduction and distribution of copyrighted content via the Internet, including Napster, Aimster,, Limewire, MP3tunes and Grooveshark; and, most recently, the designation and formation of the Mechanical Licensing Collective under the Music Modernization Act. Frank has negotiated licenses with virtually every type of digital music service, including streaming, cloud, UGC, crowd-sourced, and lyric services. He negotiated the original �New Digital Media Agreements� that are recognized as the template agreements by which labels may obtain rights from publishers to bundle in licenses with music service providers. Prospective buyers and sellers of catalogs of musical composition and sound recording rights turn to Frank for his skillful and thorough copyright due diligence of those assets, which provides invaluable assistance to such clients in determining the value of such rights.