Howie Singer

Special Consultant, Universal Music Group

Howie Singer is a leading expert on the implications of technology for the music industry. As Special Consultant to Universal Music Group, he has been advising the company on various technologies including high resolution audio, AI, voice interfaces, and streaming data analysis. In his 15 years at Warner Music Group, he served as SVP and Chief Strategic Technologist analyzing new models and services that could enhance or threaten WMG�s businesses. He is currently an adjunct professor teaching �Data Analysis in the Music Industry� a graduate level class in the NYU Music Business Program. Howie played a leading role in the transition from physical products to digital music delivery. In 1996, he co-founded a2b music; a pioneering distribution service using audio and security technologies from AT&T. Over his 20-year career at Bell Labs, he led teams developing retail and call center management software, speakerphones, cellular phones, and videophones. Howie received PhD (�79) and MS (�77) degrees in Operations Research from Cornell and a BS degree in Computer Science/Math from Stony Brook University.