John Funge

CEO and Co-founder, The Music Fund

John is CEO and Co-founder at The Music Fund. The Music Fund provides an automated, self-service platform so that musicians, especially those in the long-tail, can access artist-friendly funding by selling a portion of their royalty streams in return for up-front cash. Prior to the Music Fund, John was Data Science Director at the San Francisco office of Winton Group, a data-driven systematic investment company that had over $30 billion AUM. Previously, John was Co-founder and CTO at Knack. Knack analyzes gameplay data from mobile games to let people find their talent, broadcast their potential, and connect them with educational opportunities and jobs. Prior to Knack, John was Director of Engineering at Netflix where his roles included leading the Streaming Insights group, leading development of Netflix Instant Streaming for key platforms like the Nintendo Wii, and member of the patent committee. Before Netflix, John was Co-founder and AI Researcher at AiLive. AiLive provided entertainment to 100M+ households with Wii and PlayStation motion control and created the Nintendo Wii MotionPlus which went on to become the best selling after-market game peripheral or all time. John is also the author of 3 books on Game AI, holds 17 patents, has a PhD from the University of Toronto, an MSc from Oxford University and was an Adjunct Professor at the University of California Santa Cruz.