Keith Perrin

Co-Founder, FUBU/FUBU Radio

Keith Perrin is an accomplished, well-known entrepreneur who successfully introduced, FUBU the Collection, a game changing apparel brand that reporting over $6 billion in retail sales to date. As Vice President and director of marketing Keith was the point person who placed FUBU in dozens of music videos, photo shoots, concerts, TV appearances and movies. His relationship with music artists and dozens of celebrities is on a first name, private access basis that has been the mainstay of FUBU�s strategy for years. In his role he also was the point person dealing directly with key retail accounts that were FUBU�s primary sales outlets. He and his three partners, Daymond John, Carl Brown and J. Alexander Martin realized extraordinary celebrity status and literally changed the way business viewed the role of young multi-cultural entrepreneurs throughout America. As a founding member of the worldwide brand Fubu The Collection, Keith continues to pioneer new ventures in a quest to ensure urban lifestyle maintains its grip on society. Fubu Radio is his newest project � Keith is the CEO and GM of the station, where he oversees its administrative and business functions.