Rachel Karry

Co-Founder & President, World Artists United

An emerging leader in music and creative media, Rachel Lynn Karry brings a new perspective of leadership to the business of music. Beginning her career as a social worker, Rachel�s heart is naturally drawn toward uplifting and empowering people and their communities. After running various nonprofits, she transitioned into entrepreneurship and began studying positive psychology, leadership and personal development. With a drive to empower people to pursue their passion and turn dreams into sustainable business, Rachel became a serial entrepreneur; developing businesses from beauty products to drone technology. While pursuing a Master�s Degree in Leadership Studies, she also reconnected with her passion for music and life took an exciting turn. As Co-Founder and President of World Artists United, Rachel is a creative brand and business development strategist, content producer and team leader, with a unique gift to find, grow and leverage collaborative, strategic networks and opportunities. Mentored by renowned business leaders and executive coaches, Rachel has a passion for personal development, leadership development and understands the fundamentals of transforming one�s dream into one�s reality. She and her team created the Music Entrepreneur Conference (ME.Con), which launched at Harvard University�s Science Center to help artists and entrepreneurs become ARTtrepreneurs. ME.Con provides a missing link in the education of music: focusing on community building and cultivating the mindset and attitude of a successful entrepreneur, while providing business strategy and brand building tools to connect with and monetize one�s community and fanbase. She also co-produced the Music Industry Essentials program with Yellowbic.learn for NYU�s Clive Davis Institute for Recorded Music. In an evolving era of entrepreneurship, coupled with the transformative values of artists and rising leaders, Rachel�s current area of research is Positive Leadership in Music, developing an education program for executives in music.