Stephen Webber

Executive Director, Berklee NYC

Stephen Webber is an Emmy-winning composer, and the Executive Director of BerkleeNYC where he oversees the iconic Power Station studios, hosting sessions for Lin Manuel Miranda, Kate McKenna, John Baptiste, HBO, Netflix, Disney, and dozens more since taking over the studios in 2017. Webber also serves as Dean of Strategic Initiatives for Berklee College of Music globally, and was the founding Director of the Music Production, Technology and Innovation Master�s program at Berklee�s Valencia Campus. He�s produced and engineered albums for a wide-range of artists, including a collaboration with DJ Premier and Nas for the Re:Generations Music Project, a film Stephen appeared in alongside Erica Badu, Skrillex, Mos Def, Pretty Lights, and the Doors. A multi-instrumentalist who often contributes guitars, keyboards, banjo, mandolin and turntables to his productions, Stephen has recorded with Mark O�Connor, Kathy Mattea and Meshell Ndegeocello, and performed with Bela Fleck, Grandmixer DXT, and Emmylou Harris. Thirty thousand students are currently enrolled in Stephen�s Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) The Art of Music Production offered by Coursera. Music Production Analysis, Webber�s course for Berklee Music Online, won 2010�s international �Best Online Course Award� from the UCEA. He is the composer and turntable soloist of the Stylus Symphony, a groundbreaking work that combines a full orchestra with hip-hop, trip-hop and dub step. Webber authored Turntable Technique: The Art of the DJ, the first book to teach the turntable as a musical instrument, and DJ Skills: the Ultimate Guide to Mixing and Scratching. He founded Berklee�s DJ and turntablism classes, the first by a college of music. Webber has toured China, Australia, Europe, Central America and the US, and has appeared on CNN, NBC, NPR, and CBS, and in the New York Times and Rolling Stone Magazine.