Stuart Popejoy

Founder & President, Kadena

Stuart Popejoy is a Founder and the President of Kadena with 15 years experience in building trading systems and exchange backbones for the financial industry and is also a seasoned musician and composer working in the NYC area. Prior to co founding Kadena, Stuart led engineering in the JP Morgan Blockchain Center of Excellence where he helped develop the open-source blockchain Juno. Stuart is also the author and lead developer of the open source Pact programming language, for fast and safe smart contracts offering formal verification support. Stuart leads and collaborates in numerous acclaimed musical projects in the New York area including Sugarlife, Bassoon and Day So Far, and is an active member of the creative/new music scene on both electric bass and keyboards. He has premiered and released compositions developed using novel algorithmic techniques written in Haskell and is also a professional recording and mastering engineer. Stuart received his B.A. in Comparative Literature from the University of California, Berkeley, and has been featured in Forbes, Fortune and Quartz as well as additional publications.