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The Future of the Music Business with SoundExchange President & CEO Michael Huppe and Crush Music co-founder and partner Bob McLynn

For two decades under the Crush Music banner Bob McLynn has been guiding the careers of some of the most beloved artists in music. From Sia, Lorde, Miley Cyrus, Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Train, Weezer, Panic! At The Disco and so many more, McLynn and his business partner Jonathan Daniel and their team, have helped their artists navigate the always evolving music business landscape. In this fireside chat, Michael Huppe, who has spent his career ensuring that artists get paid fairly and efficiently, will sit with McLynn to discuss the technology that is shaping the future of music, how things are changing and how one thing will never change – the artist being at the center of it all.

A Fireside Chat: Xavier "X" Jernigan, The Voice of Spotify DJ & NYU's Larry Miller

You won't want to miss this -- an intimate one-on-one between Xavier "X" Jernigan and Larry Miller. X is the Head of Cultural Partnerships & The Voice of Spotify, LITERALLY, the voice and personality behind the world’s first AI DJ, Spotify’s newly launched feature. Larry is a Clinical Professor & Director, Music Business Program, NYU Steinhardt, a music and technology entrepreneur and producer/host of the Musonomics podcast.

GMS 2023: Through a Supervisor's Eyes: Exploring the Editorial Process

This panel will explore how music supervisors in film and television work throughout the editorial process, working picture, sound and music editors. We will look at how a music supervisor can be integral in the process of both on-camera and background music and how important it can be to interface with the people putting it all together in post-production.

Why NFTs are Not Dead and Don’t Suck

The reports of their death are greatly exaggerated. Collectibles are part of the fabric of human behavior. Their migration to digital space and the transition of accountability and owners’ rights and agreements to immutable ledgers like blockchains is inevitable. This session will lay out the future of collectibles and limited-edition assets in digital and physical space.

GMS 2023: Music Supervision Film & TV Deep Dive with Stephanie Diaz-Matos

GMS Award winning music supervisor Stephanie Diaz Matos has done it all…but she's far from done.

From working at legendary indie label London Records to music supervising in advertising at McGarry Bowen, co-founding Search Party Music, music supervising high-level TV series like Baz Lurhmann’s NY based birth of hip-hop series “The Get Down” to the Emmy-nominated drama series “P-Valley” to her current position as the head of Issa Rae’s music company Raedio, she has crafted an unbelievable career to date.

Please join us for a deep dive into her music supervision work as we look at Stephanie’s clips and discuss some of the favorite supe moments as well as what’s it’s like working with a multi-hyphenate talent like Issa Rae.

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Fan Base?

It is widely acknowledged that the music industry is under monetized. Even as it is, artists earn roughly 12 cents in the dollar. The monopolization of the streaming and live markets squeezes artists potential earnings whilst big tech has taken control of the value of their fan bases, meaning that artists are missing out on valuable revenues and spending money inefficiently.

In this session we will explore how artists are using techniques from other industries to maximize the true value of their fan base, including case studies from international superstars like Lewis Capaldi down to developing unsigned artists.

Topics covered include:

Why is marketing in the music business broken and how to fix it!
What do you want from your fans?
What do your fans want?
The importance of superfans
Who controls the value of your fan base?
What steps can you take to realize the full value of your fans?
The importance of fan data to your success.
What data do you need?
Making each fan engagement count
How to turn fans into superfans
Making the complex simple.

At the end of the session, we will share a list of clear actions that all attendees can use to transform the value of their fan base.

Sales, Music and Conferencing!

In this era of automation, how has the landscape of business transformed when it comes to forging connections and seizing new opportunities? While various tools have streamlined countless processes, the significance of face-to-face conferences remains steadfast and even more crucial than ever before -- at least for now.

Magnetize and Thrive in the Attention Economy

Join the conversation with perspectives from the manager, tech/app, publicity and press viewpoints. Learn the best ways to stand out, attract, captivate and retain your audience as an independent artist in the constantly evolving and tech-driven attention economy. You've got the level playing field, how do you win the game? This session will provide valuable insights.

AI-Generated Music vs. Human: Can We Tell the Difference?

Can AI music trigger the same type of feelings we get when we listen to our favorite songs or beats? We discuss this fascinating topic.

Using AI to Support Your Daily Hustle

Recording Artist and Reject Dreams Founder ARTZ will showcase how he harnesses the power of AI as an indispensable assistant and how it can be another useful tool for indie creatives, entrepreneurs and business owners everywhere they want to speed up their workflow. Everything from creating moodboards and artwork within mid-journey to using chatgpt to drafting press releases, merch inventory, product descriptions and subtitles for social media content and more.

AI Think Tank

This is your chance to voice your opinion on the impact of AI in the music industry. Open your mind and let us know what you think. Don’t be shy!

Jam Galaxy Presents: AI in Music with blockchain -- Revolutionizing the Music Economy

Explore the transformative role of AI in the music industry. Discover how it amplifies creativity in production, rather than replacing the musicians.

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