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Sample Road Records in the Skyline Suite

Sample Road Records is proud to welcome you to Mondo.NYC 2022. Join founder Manuel Delgado at the Skyline Suite on Thursday, October 13 from 4pm-6pm. We’ll be catching up on all things music while enjoying some food and building collaborative relationships. We’re focused on building a community of music discoverists, and connecting artists with that community. We look forward to meeting all of you: global music business and tech executives, entrepreneurs, investors and the teams behind our music industry magic. See you there!

A Fireside Chat: RIAA Chairman & CEO Mitch Glazier in conversation with YouTube’s Waleed Diab, Global Head of Recorded Music Business Development & Carletta Higginson, Global Head of Music Publishing

An important conversation among three noted industry leaders offering perspective on YouTube's global business plans, specifically the evolution of digital music services for creators in both recorded music and publishing. Don’t miss this intimate conversation.

Advanced Marketing

Marketing as a medium has changed. The tactics of the past don’t get the job done anymore, and when it comes to storytelling, content without context is like a buggy with no horse. The best way to level up is to create partnerships, stay on top of the social graph, leverage new technology, and own your IP. The dynamic between artist and fan has shifted a great deal. Your community is now your baseline, and your value is determined by your connection to your consumers and ability to execute. The pioneers of Web3 understand this.

What is Web3 Anyway? And Should I Care?

The short answer is yes! Join Luminate's Head of Global Research, Matt Yazge, as he reveals the results of the Luminate Gaming + Web3 Study for the first time to the public. Learn to what extent consumers even know what Web3 means or what an NFT is -- in addition to how fans expect to see music show up across Web3 and the Metaverse. We will review best practices on how to activate in the space and create meaningful connections with fans.

How to Make Full-Time Income with Keynote Concerts, Custom Songs, & Private VIP Concerts

Discover how to perform on large conference stages by combining live music with speaking to deliver "Keynote Concerts" for sold-out audiences, get paid to write custom songs for influencers and other high-end clients, and get booked for private VIP concerts. You will gain very practical knowledge about how to realistically make great income (even six-figures) with music in new ways that are wide open and full of opportunity right now.

GMS 2022: Crafting Niche Music Soundtracks for Film/TV

Is weaving the perfect soundtrack akin to method acting? How do you inhabit the minds of the people portrayed on screen and select the right music to support or drive their stories? Hear NYC music supervisors from across a spectrum of diverse film and TV work discuss their approaches to the craft.

NIVA Saved the Industry. Now What?

When the live music and comedy venue industry was at risk of mass collapse with COVID shutdowns, the National Independent Venue Association (NIVA) formed and created a movement across the country to Save Our Stages. NIVA did the unimaginable -- it secured $16 billion in federal emergency relief. Get insights from NIVA co-founders and board members about what the association’s focus is for the future now that venues, promoters and festivals are back and navigating today’s challenges.

GMS 2022: How Tech Makes Your Life Better: Music Industry Edition

Leading on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Music Industry: Where We Are and Where We Are Going

Major label Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officers Eric Hutcherson, Maurice Stinton and Tiffany Warren will discuss their thoughts on diversity in the music industry, efforts at recruiting and programming, empowering and serving artists, and continuing challenges that need to be met. Moderated by National Museum of African American Music CEO Henry Hicks.

A Fireside Chat with Rev. Moose

Challenges & Opportunities as Indie Musicians Return to Touring

Touring has returned, and the music industry is finding its new normal, but independent musicians face unique challenges. Fabrice Sergent, the managing partner of #1 global event discovery Bandsintown, joins four fiercely independent music managers to discuss the issues and opportunities that lie ahead

trac presents: The Future of Artist Monetization -
How Web3 Unlocks An Artist’s Value

Join Cardin Campbell (Founder/CEO of trac) and other leaders bridging the music industry's gap between Web2 and Web3 for a discussion on how Web3 technologies are changing the game for artists. Learn about Web3 technologies helping artists earn more money than ever, and how a tokenized music industry can turn artists and fans into true owners.

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