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Successfully Executing Virtual Performances: The Right Gear meets The Right Strategy, Presented by Roland

This panel discussion will focus on the products and people behind many of the most successful streaming productions of 2020. Join our panel of experts.

A Conversation with John Loeffler, Rufus Wainwright & Jerry Wonda

John Loeffler of BMG will lead an animated conversation with Internationally recognized singer/songwriter/performer Rufus Wainwright and acclaimed Songwriter/Record Producer, Jerry "Wonda" Duplessis. They will explore the challenges of releasing music during the COVID pandemic as well as describe the different strategies for marketing indie-pop, R&B and hip hop in the era of social media and streaming platforms.

Utilizing New Technologies To Engage Fans Better And Monetize More

Entrepreneur John Lenac chats with music industry veteran Alicia Yaffe and Moment House Founder & CEO, Arjun Mehta, about the struggles artists are having monetizing their craft in today’s climate. They’ll discuss new ways to engage fans, best practices for maximum monetization and take a deep dive into livestreaming.

Off the Beaten Track: Before & After COVID in Central Eastern Europe

Up-and-coming talent, festivals, and music promotion – what’s next for the Carpathian music scene? A curated group of key Hungarian and Central Eastern European stakeholders from the area will share their thoughts on rising artists, catering to local audiences and the future of the regional festival industry.

For The Culture: Two Visionaries Discuss Music, Technology, Connection And Culture In A Pandemic World

Join this one-of-a-kind conversation between the iconic Fab 5 Freddy - one of the most prolific & legendary forces in the history of Hip Hop culture known for marrying Hip Hop's early Bronx scene with New York’s downtown world of art, Punk Rock, and nightlife - with one of the most renowned deejays in the world today, DJ Cassidy, whose "Pass The Mic" series honors the most iconic Hip Hop and R&B artists of all time, all while saluting heroes of the pandemic and uniting music fans in an altogether unprecedented, innovative, and heartfelt experience.

Financial Clarity: Building an Artist-Centric Music Industry

This panel will focus on the challenges artists of all levels face when trying to get a handle on their financial picture. There is a total lack of financial tools and infrastructure for artists and. with the pandemic, the river of nickels coming in from a variety of revenue sources is more important than ever to have a grasp on. These experts know firsthand what the challenges that artists and their teams face when it comes to building true independence in the music industry and they have quite a few ideas on how to solve them.

Listening's New Frontier: How Advances in Audio Quality Inspire Creators and Reward Music Fans

It’s 2020 and you don’t have to sacrifice quality for convenience when enjoying music anymore. Hear top music and audio creators discuss the importance of lossless and high resolution formats to their process. How do new services that support delivery of studio level sound to an engaged consumer present opportunities for innovation around an authentic music experience? The connection between the artist’s original vision and the fan’s ears has never been stronger.

GMS 2020: 30 Minute Advertising Deep Dive

Alec Stern, Chicago-based Director of Music at DDB will break down a recent ad campaign’s music and what goes into music creation for ads in 2020.

"The Future of Streaming -- A Virtual Happy Hour” with RIAA CEO Mitch Glazier and DiMA CEO Garrett Levin, Co-Sponsored by RIAA and DiMA

Wrap up this busy day with Mitch Glazier and Garrett Levin for a live informal conversation, as they comment on the day's events and discuss the future of streaming from two different industry perspectives. Grab your drinks and snacks as two industry association heads together look towards the future and answer questions from the chat.

Protest, Policy, Polls, BMAC & the 2020 Election

BMAC-sponsored panel to discuss voter education, registration, get out the vote efforts and the vital link between protest and policy: the polls.

Immersive Audio and its Potential in Art and Commerce

This panel will explore the emerging immersive audio technologies rapidly becoming available to creators. We’ll discuss the creative possibilities and considerations in audio production as well as their impact on the overall consumer experience. We’ll explore available formats and the innovative ways in which distribution companies are getting music to the marketplace.

Radio, Live Transmission

Radio is still the number one source for new music discovery. With the emergence of new technologies and devices there are more ways than ever for audiences to discover new music and these new technologies are also providing new ways for radio stations to deliver their content to listeners. A Nielsen survey found that 83% of consumers say they’re listening to as much or more radio as they were before the pandemic. Radio has been around for over 100 years and is ever changing and dependable -- on our panel radio leaders discuss how they see the future of this vital format.