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Metaverse, Music & NFTs

Pioneering digital tech and music/entertainment innovator Ty Roberts, Co-founder/CEO FanTracks Digital LLC, curates “Metaverse, Music & NFTs,” Mondo’s inaugural day-long intensive seminar delving into how the ever-evolving Metaverse and NFT landscape is impacting the music business and related creative, tech, finance and legal sectors, creating unprecedented opportunities for all. You’ll join industry leaders addressing the commercial opportunities and challenges across these important topics:

What is Music’s Role in the Metaverse?
How will Artists Appear Virtually?
What the Monetization Model for Music in the Metaverse?
Is the Metaverse VR/AR or both?
NFT Market Overview Keynote
How Defi is Changing the Exploding Landscape for Creative Projects
Breakthrough Artist/Entrepreneur Interview
Marketing – Building Your NFT Community and Getting Noticed: Ticketing, Gaming & More
What’s Next in Crypto Collectibles?
NFT Platforms & Exchanges
Generative Music and Programmable Art
NFT Music Rights
Library: NFT Gallery

The State of the Music Business 2022

In what has become a Mondo tradition, we kick off our 2022 conference October 11 as Variety's Deputy Music Editor Jem Aswad moderates this important panel with leaders from key business sectors addressing the opportunities, challenges and pathways forward for our industry.  Live entertainment, streaming, publishing and recorded-music catalog valuations, and much more will be discussed.

Meet the Music Supervisors -- One on One Meetings

One-on-one virtual meetings enabling Canadian music publishers to customize their pitch pursuant to the previous week’s information as well as individual U.S. music supervisor needs.

Masterclass with Steven Schnur & Gordy Haab

An exclusive masterclass with Steven Schnur (Worldwide Executive, EA) and composer Gordy Haab (Electronic Arts' Star Wars: Battlefront)

Meet the Music Supervisors - Ads

Join us for two panel discussions featuring select US-based music supervisors from gaming and ads & branding, where we’ll discuss their work processes as well as current industry trends and projects.

Meet the Music Supervisors - Gaming

Join us for two panel discussions featuring select US-based music supervisors from gaming and ads & branding, where we’ll discuss their work processes as well as current industry trends and projects.

Five Tips for Musicians

Nick Ruffini of Drummers Resource and Laura Donelan of MusicPro Insurance chat about business tips for musicians going back out on the road.

Introduction to Website & Direct-to-Fan Platform Bandzoogle

Bandzoogle is an all-in-one platform for musicians to build their website and manage direct-to-fan marketing and sales. In this presentation, Bandzoogle's VP of Business Development Dave Cool will give an overview of the platform's features and tools for musicians and labels, and will share some eye-opening data from their 55,000+ members.

Music Models for the Roaring ‘20s

Looking past hi-res audio and playlists at their fingertips, the music fan is currently enjoying a plethora of new discovery, experience and ownership tools and offerings, while the industry focuses on crafting solid financial models to insure their viability. We’ll address the following questions: What does a decentralized streaming platform look like? Will AR transform music discovery through sunglasses? Will blockchain protocols and NFTs provide artists with enhanced financial security or end up being as transitional as ringtones? The digital music industry continues to find its footing in an ever-shifting terrain – we will be sharing our views on where we feel it will land.

A Conversation with Artist Managers Ed Millett & Wendy Ong

We welcome you to an intimate conversation with artist managers extraordinaire Ed Millett, Co-CEO and Wendy Ong, President of TaP Music, representing some of the world's most important and iconic artists including Dua Lipa, Lana Del Rey, Ellie Goulding and more. Variety's Deputy Music Editor Jem Aswad hosts.

Enhancing the Creative Process: A Keynote Conversation with Music Producer and Technologist Albhy Galuten and Film Producer Steve Richards

Mondo.NYC presents a keynote conversation between GRAMMY award-winning producer Albhy Galuten and Steve Richards, founder and CEO of feature film production and finance company Endurance Media, on October 13 at 2:00pm ET. Together the two producers will discuss the vision, dedication and drive needed to produce records that have sold millions of copies, movies that have earned billions at the box office, and technology’s place in both disciplines.

Richards and Galuten will tackle how to strike the right balance in their respective fields as they share some of their experiences while making records that have sold over 100 million copies and films that have generated 10 billion dollars in box office revenue. They will discuss how to stimulate creativity emotionally and technically. Technology has been a stimulus to creativity, but it can also be a hindrance. They’ll ask the important questions: “How do we bring out the best in ourselves and in those we work with? How can we use technology to free ourselves from the drudgery? How can we use it as a stimulus? When is it a hinderance?”

Having worked with artists as varied as the Bee Gees, Eric Clapton, Kenny Rogers, Peter Tosh, Dionne Warwick, Eddie Money, Kenny Loggins, Diana Ross, Barbra Streisand, Rita Coolidge, No Doubt, Jellyfish and Peter Tosh among many others, Galuten brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the conversation, not only as a musician and a producer but as a technology executive and futurist.

Richards has produced over 40 feature films, including blockbuster hits “The Matrix Reloaded,” “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,” “Project X,” “The Book of Eli,” “RocknRolla,” “Unknown” and “Non-Stop.” From 1995 to 2014, Richards presided over Silver Pictures as Co-President and COO. During his tenure, Richards grew the company from a studio-based enterprise to a dynamic boutique production and distribution company, generating over $5 billion in worldwide box office revenues.

GMS 2021: Thinking Music First on TikTok

TikTok has seen tremendous user growth and engagement over the last year. A sound-on platform, TikTok is reestablishing the important role of music in short form content. Through the lens of the recently launched JIF campaign featuring Ludacris, we explore some of the creative ways brands are activating on platform by thinking music first.