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Top Ad Music Case Studies

Top ad sync teams present two case studies detailing the creation of the year’s most memorable ads featuring music.

Newest Tech Tools of the Trade: AI & More

What are some of the year’s most important tech tools that have made music supervisors lives better…or worse? How is AI playing a positive – or negative – role in music supervisors’ lives as they enter the second half of the ‘20s.

How the Sync Agency Has Become the Hermes of Sync

Reps from some of the top sync agencies like Bank Robber Music, Secret Road, Fine Gold Music, and Terrorbird examine the process of finding clientele and representing artists, labels and publishers directly for sync.

What Visual Media Sync Placements Moved the Spotify Meter This Year?

We look at five visual media sync placements over the past year to explore how they’ve not only moved the meter for that artist but helped generate success well beyond the sync placement.

“Trailerization” – How the Process Of Music Creation For Trailers Has Changed

Why is the phenomenon whereby classic songs are de-constructed and sound design and hybrid orchestral styles added to them SO popular? A recent example of this is the summer 2024 blockbuster Mad Max saga “Furiosa” using a “trailerized” version of the David Bowie classic "The Man Who Sold the World.”

Deep Dive of “Today’s Hottest TV Series” Music

Focusing on one of TV’s top shows, this panel delves into the ins and outs of creative music for the show and the supervisor/coordinators that make the music happen, including anecdotes that detail the show’s spotting sessions, clearance process, mix stage and more.

Who Really Controls and Licenses your Rights?

Songwriter/Publisher Fireside Chat

Global Royalty Streams and Collections – State of the Industry

Who Really Controls and Licenses your Rights?

The Importance of Transparency in Music

Building Automated Frameworks in Managing Global Fragmentation

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