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Covington & Burling LLP presents Getting Physical With Music Tech

Covington & Burling LLP presents "Getting Physical With Music Tech," a three panel track focused on exciting developments and important issues in hardware and music reproduction technologies. Technology is so much more than the 1's and 0's streaming to your device over the internet or the information pouring out of the latest human-like generative AI platform. The music industry is also being shaped and changed in novel ways by technology that we can touch and hear.

In its "Getting Physical With Music Tech" three-panel track, Covington will bring together inventors, industry executives, and music tech users to discuss: (1) technological developments and the future of music recording technology, including recording gear and techniques, instruments, and software; and (2) developments in consumer smart speaker, spatial computing, and headphone technologies and innovations in music reproduction technology, including spatial audio and hi-fi/audiophile formats. Additionally, Covington will host a fireside chat with an AI technologist to discuss the intersection of AI and music, including the impact that AI will have on recording and music reproduction technologies.

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