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Mondo.NYC 2020 Showcase Artist




October 15, 2020 at 2:00:00 AM

Taphari is born of Afro-Caribbean descent and hails from Brownsville, Brooklyn. He may not look like much more than a kid, but his musical prowess is unmistakable. In Spring of 2019 he released ‘Earth's No Fun,’ his testimony as a young loner from the hood seeking asylum in laughter, queer expression, hip hop and the internet. He’s on a mission to understand himself, find happiness, and ultimately connect with the world at large. Noisey calls Taphari “Brooklyn’s Best Rap Alien”, but in real life you can usually find him with headphones on, quiet and sincere.

Live performances are explosive dance parties and an aggressive call to action-- a true charismatic on stage, music is Taphari’s most efficient means of communication. Bold and malcontent, Taphari “flowers on all occasions” in this latest single on Bayonet Records. His first solo track in over a year, “Minding My Business” is an anthem for every self-reliant loner staying in their lane.

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