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Mindfulness in Music & Mondo.NYC

Friday, October 16, 2020

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Join Compassionate Muse for a full day exploring sustainable, authentic and inclusive relationships in the music industry, offering insights and best practices regarding positive workplace culture, meditation, digital diet, coaching, networking for good and so much more!

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12:00-12:50pm (All times US Eastern Daylight Time)

Being OK with Not Being OK: Redefining Success in Unstable Times

How do we find grace, calm and even confidence within ourselves and others we work and live with when nothing in 2020 appears to be stable? Hear from compassionate music business leaders offering insights and best practices that are working within their respective organizations.


  • Jenn Mundia, Artist, Sofar Sounds Marketing Team


  • Dez Dickerson, Founder/CEO Pavilion Group

  • Candace Newman, Founder & CEO, Live Out Live


On Mental Health and Wellness in Music: A Keynote Conversation with Kevin Lyman

Kevin Lyman Photo.jpg

Photo: Linda Johnson 

A conversation with Kevin Lyman, Founder of Warped Tour and 320 Festival, the single largest Mental Health and Wellness Festival in the US.



Explainability and Transparency: Leading with Compassion in the Workplace

Futurist Amy Webb is quoted by saying "explainability and transparency are the two most important functions of great workplace leadership," We couldn't agree more. Hear from the workplace culture experts as we explore what the future of workplace leadership and inclusive culture should look like.


  • Varghese Chacko, Founding Partner, NYC NYC Nightlife United & Co-Founder, City Farm Presents


  • Mike Heyliger, Founder, Mindful Vinyl; Host, Radio Free Brooklyn

  • Andreea Magdalina, Founder,


Meditation Simplified. Tech Enhanced.

We know that meditation is proven to reduce anxiety and stress and improve your mood and focus. It can even help you connect to a higher purpose. So why don't we all meditate? On this panel, we'll take a closer look at the technology that can simplify the meditation process and help you get your OM on.


  • LJ Malberg, Founder & CEO, The Reliance Company; Founder & President, Compassionate Muse


  • Parneet Pal, Chief Science Officer, Wisdom Labs

  • Toby Sola, CEO & Head Teacher, Brightmind Meditation


The Mindful Artist: An Interview


  • ​Akpanoluo Etteh, Founder, The Soundshop

Guest Artists​

  • BabiBoi

  • Whitney McClain



Workshop: How to Go on a Digital Diet the Right Way

Learn what going on a digital diet feels like and practice rebalancing your life and work in three  steps. A workshop with breakout discussions.

Workshop Leader

  • Norman Fried


  • LJ Malberg, Founder & CEO, The Reliance Company; Founder & President, Compassionate Muse



Workshop: Are You Coachable?

What is Music Business Coaching and how do you know if you're ready for it? Come with your coaching questions at the ready -- the coaches are IN!


  • Nicole Blonder, Co-Founder, Equilibrium

  • Suzanne Paulinski, CEO, The Rock/Star Advocate, LLC

  • Marni Wandner, Co-Founder, Equilibrium/VP, Marketing and Business Development, The Syndicate

  • Dilini Weerasooriya, Financial Advisor & Certified Financial Planner, Merrill Lynch



The Mindful Artist: A Conversation With Maurice Brown on Collaboration

Trumpet sensation Maurice “Mobetta” Brown orbits simultaneously through three worlds: contemporary jazz, blues-rock and cutting-edge hip hop. He’s a mastermind as a trumpeter, composer, arranger and producer. When Maurice picks up his horn, his soulful melodies soar into a rarefied space that uniquely marries be-bop to hip hop and rock, producing his own distinctive sound. 


  • LJ Malberg, Founder & CEO, The Reliance Company; Founder & President, Compassionate Muse

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