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Meet the Music Supervisors -- One on One Meetings
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Alex Hackford

Head of Creative Music Affairs, PlayStation Studios

Angela Asistio

Freelance Music Supervisor, Asistio Music

Brandy Ricker

Freelance Music Supervisor

Greg Cahn

Co-Founder, Basiq Culture

Kayla Monetta

Music Supervisor and Head of A&R, Butter Sound And Music

Mark Allen

Freelance Music Supervisor

Alexandra Allen

Advertising Music Producer

Brandon Young

Head of Music, Activision

Fabian Halabou

Co-Founder, Sneak Attack Music

Julianne Wilson

Head of A&R And Sync, Mano Walker

Kyle McKeveny

Music Supervisor

Maxwell Gosling

Founder, Little Ears

October 10-13, 2023
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