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Mondo Zoom Conversation: Mondo & CMW Co-Host Be Present Everywhere: Introductions & Connections
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Alexander Milas

Director, Twin V Ltd.

Boyan Robert Pinter

Founder, Sofia International Music Conference

Daniela Nardi

Founder/CEO, TEMPOConnect

Darryl Hurs

Owner/Partnerships, Indie Week

David McLoughlin

Manager Brazil

Gigi Louisa Johnson

President/Co-Founder, Maremel Institute - Amplify Music Initiative

Bobby Haber

Founder & Managing Director, Mondo.NYC

Constantine Roussos

Founder & CEO, .MUSIC

Danya Dixon

CEO, Canadian Music Week

David Hazan

Founder, DLH Strategic Marketing

Ebonnie Rowe

Founder & Director, PhemPhat Entertainment Grp & Producer, Honey Jam

Grace Puluczek

CEO, 3 Notes & European Coordinator, Future Echoes

October 10-13, 2023
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