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Daniel Rowland

Daniel Rowland

Head of Strategy and Partnerships, LANDR

Daniel Rowland holds both a B.S and M.F.A in Music Technology and is currently Head of Strategy and Partnerships at Montreal’s LANDR Audio, Audio Production Professor at MTSU in Nashville, and co-founder of NOIISE, a music app company in Amsterdam. He’s been part of numerous international tours; produced the music for an Oscar-winning Pixar film; and mastered multiplatinum and Grammy-nominated albums, along with popular Disney properties such as Star Wars and Marvel. He speaks regularly on the present and future of music technology at conferences such as SXSW, INNO, NAMM, ASCAP Expo and AES.

The Future of Music Production: The Producers Panel

10/13/21, 10:00 PM

Noted producers from multiple genres discuss the state of the art.

The Future of Music Production: NFTs & Music Creation

10/13/21, 8:00 PM

Are NFT’s just a fad with no long-term impact? Beyond the hype, learn about the practical future of digital scarcity and collectibles in the music industry, from artists and developers building it.

The Future of Music Production: The Impact of AI

10/13/21, 7:00 PM

New technologies have always impacted the creative process, but perhaps never to the extent that AI-powered tools have the capacity to. Will they empower the masses to create music? Serve as an assistant and collaborator to professionals? Or possibly replace the humans they are designed to help?

The Producers Panel

10/14/20, 9:00 PM

A conversation with top music producers about their experiences working on and releasing music during COVID. We’ll discuss the creative process in isolation, new tech collaborative channels and techniques, sharing of stories, experiences, production inspirations and more. Join the discussion with an incredible group of producers.