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Matt Boerum

Matt Boerum

CEO & Co-Founder, Audible Reality

Matt Boerum is an innovator in the field of 3D audio for music production and virtual reality. He is co-founder and CEO of Audible Reality, an immersive audio technology company from Montreal focused on improving music engagement through unique AI-driven 3D audio software.

Matt is an award-winning audio engineer, educator, musician and Ph.D. candidate in Sound Recording at McGill University under Richard King and George Massenburg. His research focuses on auditory listener movement in virtual audio environments, with a special interest in spatial perception and mixing. Driven by his passion for music and sound, he is actively involved in pushing the audio industry forward as a speaker at industry conferences and events. He holds an MA and BS in Audio Technology from American University.

Since 2000, Matt’s work as a freelance engineer, educator and musician has led him to nearly every audio industry discipline. Of notable mention, he has worked with Grammy® award-winning artists Cee Lo Green and Dirty Vegas; Golden Globe® winning actor Stacy Keach; and public figures US President Jimmy Carter and the Dalai Lama. In 2012 he was awarded an Emmy® for Outstanding Commercial - Single Spot and received front-page honors in the press by Audio Solutions. He’s also been featured in Forbes, Variety, Mix Magazine, Financial Post and Le Devoir.

Employed by American University for nearly 10 years, he was essential to the growth, design and success of its acclaimed Audio Technology Program, university projects and recording studios. Matt is currently a contributing member of AES, CIRMMT, Music Business Association, and the Musée des Ondes Emile Berliner.

Past Panels

Game Changing Tech for Artists: Discover New Ways to Create, Monetize and Experience Music Presented by Audible Reality

10/14/20, 5:00 PM

Artists need new sources of revenue and better ways to connect with fans and each other. If 2020 showed us anything, it’s that the music industry can’t survive by requiring musicians to make the bulk of their income from touring. We need to think differently, and find new, lasting solutions to sustain successful careers. Hear from three fast-growing music tech startups empowering artists with new, lasting solutions to create, monetize and experience music.