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Nari Matsuura

Nari Matsuura

Partner, Massarsky Consulting

Nari Matsuura founded, developed and leads Massarsky Consulting’s valuation practice, which conducts the music valuations of most the industry’s funds, including Hipgnosis, Primary Wave, Reservoir Media, Round Hill Music, Shamrock Capital Advisors, Spirit Music Group, etc. The firm has also conducted the valuations of numerous notable music publishers, record companies, artist and songwriter catalogs. In aggregate, she has overseen the valuation of over $4B in unique asset valuations in the past year alone. In addition, since joining the firm in 2001 she has been a consultant to a number of music companies including Universal Music Publishing, Sony/ATV, Warner Chappell, the RIAA, among many others. Ms. Matsuura holds an MBA from Cornell University, as well as a Master's and Bachelor's degree of Music from The Juilliard School. Before pursuing her MBA, she was a concert pianist, recognized for her performances in major venues in North America and Asia.

Catalog Shopping 2021

10/15/21, 6:00 PM

The catalog sale market continues to expand and evolve, with existing buyers expanding their holdings, the major labels getting back into acquisitions, and new players emerging on a weekly basis. In addition, the types of assets being acquired, and the deal sizes (both larger and smaller), are broadening in ways never before seen. This panel will discuss these changes in the marketplace and will feature the voices of several prominent buy-side and sell-side experts as they discuss how these changes are affecting the deal-making process.

CLE: The New Music Acquisitions Market

10/16/20, 4:00 PM

The M&A market for music catalogs and companies has evolved significantly over the past few years. New buyers are entering the marketplace on a regular basis, with funding from a range of domestic and foreign investors. Writers and rights owners who had not considered selling are now rethinking those decisions as sale multiples continue to increase. As the economic impact of streaming continues to develop, valuation models continue to evolve in ways that are more favorable to sellers, especially of more recent material. All of this is complicated by the COVID-19 crisis and its current and predicted effect on licensing income and the consumer market. This panel will cover how the M&A market continues to develop and how it is likely to be impacted by these changes to industry economics.