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Richard Brownstein

Richard Brownstein

CEO/Founder, The Alontrus Group

Richard Brownstein, CFPⓇ, is CEO of Alontrus Group, an early-stage crypto venture funding firm at the intersection of music, finance and technology. He is currently developing a self-amortizing loan regime for musicians.

Richard has always been at the forefront of bleeding edge technologies that offer high social impact. He started as a multi gold and platinum recording engineer. In 2016 Richard led a five-person team at Massachusetts Institute of Technology to capture the top slot of the MIT Fintech Future Commerce program where he incorporated blockchain in a tontine annuity design. Following, working closely with Oracle, he introduced the Oracle Blockchain Cloud platform at Open World in 2017 with two proofs of concept.

NFT Success: Strategies for Funding and Creating Superfans

10/13/22, 5:00 PM

Implementing modern technology to produce studio quality music in your basement is now table stakes. The modern musician is tasked with understanding the full scope of their business, evolving from artist to owner-operator. In this session you will learn about accessing capital based upon your streaming listens and leveraging new release and marketing strategies to create superfans.