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Wesley T. A'Harrah

Wesley T. A'Harrah

CMO, Hyper Orange; Manager, RARE Sound

Wesley is a marketing-tech consultant, artist manager and investor. Wesley runs Hyper Orange, a consultancy focused on helping entertainment companies, brands and agencies build and activate the best marketing stacks, and NINETY Play Inc, a consultancy formed between Wesley and TikTok employee #1 to help app and e-commerce companies transform their business in under 90 days.

Previously, Wesley headed the consulting arm of Music Ally for several years, where he worked directly with the VP-to-C-level personnel at all of the major record labels in 30+ countries, along with the music marketing teams at brands such as Red Bull, tech companies including Facebook and Spotify, and agencies such as Havas, to establish the best internal marketing practices and integration of new marketing tech.

As an artist manager, Wesley works with Atlanta-based entrepreneur, rapper and DJ, GENIUS, and his business partner, K CAMP, whose song Lottery (Renegade) held as the biggest song ever in TikTok for seven months running and was the first song in the world to pass 15, 20, and 30 million videos created.
Wesley is also the VP of Membership and Education of the Music Managers Forum-US, the 501(c)6 trade association for artist managers and self-managed artists. Wesley holds an MA in Global Entertainment and Music Business from Berklee College of Music.

Modern Management Models Presented by Music Managers Forum - US

10/13/20, 3:00 PM

Artist management, and the role management plays in an artist's business and career, has been evolving with the industry. Changes in monetization and promotional structures are altering the demands of day-to-day and long-term strategy, and a manager's role as a type of CEO of an artist's company has shifted.

This panel will analyze the structure and function of management teams and discuss changing methods, innovations, and strategic activity. We'll explore the ways managers are working across marketing, distribution, live streaming and other verticals, as well as garnering and deploying investment, to address today's environment.