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Adam Clark

Adam Clark


Adam Clark is an indie-pop producer and songwriter who’s worked with multiple independent artists, producing/writing 75+ songs over the past two years. Clark discovered his love for production and songwriting while still an artist himself, working with GRAMMY-nominated and multi-platinum producers.

Clark has been featured in Songwriting Magazine, Baeblemusic and Popmatters, and as a musician has opened for Tove Lo, Zach Myers and Aaron Carter.

Clark is also currently in the midst of hosting season two of his podcast “The Art of The Artist,” where Clark and various guests chat about different aspects of success within the music industry.

Future of Music Creation & Production: Adaptive Music: Reimagining Our Role As Listeners

10/12/22, 8:00 PM

Is music in a fixed form a thing of the past? Imagine music that adapts dynamically to our mood and surroundings, whether in real world or digital environments. With their recent acquisitions, companies like Apple see a future here. Join this panel of experts as they discuss the state of adaptive music.

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