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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Akpanoluo Etteh

Akpanoluo Etteh

Founder, The Soundshop

Akpanoluo Etteh is a singer, beatboxer, sound imitator, trombonist, music curator, data scientist, and founder of The Soundshop. The Soundshop is a music community that fuses conversation and performance in a salon-style format, covering topics from "Music and The Brain" to "Celebration of Black Musicians" and beyond. These events attract an array of musicians and music-lovers across all backgrounds, and the events' intimacy gives space for fruitful music conversation to emerge, as the perceived barriers between disciplines dissolve. Akpanoluo grew up in Massachusetts, holds a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience from Yale, and has lived in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for the last decade.

The Mindful Artist: An Interview

10/16/20, 8:00 PM

Interview with well-known mindful artists.

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