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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Alex Price

Alex Price

Creative Director, Pusher LLC

Alex has been in-house at Pusher since 2014 and has worked extensively with their film and TV clients and artists alike. During his tenure he’s been lucky to work closely with the teams on blockbuster hits like Dune, Marvel and DC franchise films as well as bold indie and arthouse projects including films from A24, NEON, IFC and everything in between.

GMS 2021: Custom Overlays: The New “Trailer Remixes” Sponsor: Proper One Music Licensing

10/14/21, 6:00 PM

A conversation celebrating one of the many trends in the trailer world whereby new music beds – via custom overlays – have essentially created remixes and, as a result, created a new lane in musical genres: trailerization. Trailerization is the reimagining of songs to fit into a trailer or promo for film and TV marketing.

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