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Andre Benz

Andre Benz

CEO & Founder, SoundMint

Andre Benz is the CEO & founder of SoundMint, a generative music collectible brand focused on reimagining the way fans collect music. Andre is also the founder of The Nations, which is one of the largest music curation networks on YouTube; helping break acts like Halsey, Marshmello, Illenium, The Chainsmokers, and many more.

Financial Considerations for NFTs in the Music Industry: Caveat Emptor

10/12/22, 2:00 PM

The meteoric rise and subsequent rollercoaster ride of NFTs over the past year and a half has been nothing short of extraordinary. That certainly holds true for the new generation of digital investors pursuing music-related assets tokenized into NFTs. Join our panel of NFT specialists as they take an eye-opening deep dive into the financial considerations for NFTs in the music industry. The panel will provide an overview on NFTs and discuss tax considerations, intellectual property, rights tracking, royalties, valuations, cybersecurity, and the future of NFTs.

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