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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Carrie Able

Carrie Able

Multidisciplinary Artist, Musician & Metaverse Pioneer

Carrie Able is an internationally renowned multidisciplinary artist, musician, creative thought leader and Metaverse pioneer.

Able’s expansive practice implements the use of extended reality tech, new media, cryptocurrency, Web3.0, music, live performance, oil painting and poetry. Having incorporated immersive technology into traditional art spaces since 2017, Able is an early innovator of the Metaverse and an adopter of blockchain technology.

A keynote speaker on creativity, Able presents original theories on how the development of future technologies relates to creativity in the Metaverse and Web3.0 space.

Able’s 2022 solo exhibition DALL’ANIMA, presented at the European Cultural Centre’s Personal Structures: Reflections, debuted during the 59th Venice Biennale, attracting over 500,000 visitors.

In 2023, Able inked a record deal with ANTIFRAGILE Music, and is currently working on coordinating Virtual Reality experiences for the album release.

A Whole New Ecosystem: Creating & Releasing New Music with AI

10/10/23, 9:00 PM

The co-writer of your artist's next big hit or the reason you debut on the charts could be AI. With endless ways artists can collaborate and access beats, samples, tracks and more, we are living in an age of true musical exploration and innovation. The experts on this panel are one step ahead, leveraging these tools or building them and will dig into how they create and how they release new music into the world; where the biggest opportunities lie for creators and their teams; and what’s next on the innovation roadmap.

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