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Cat Marcasciano

Cat Marcasciano

Senior Manager, PS Business Management

Cat Marcasciano is a Senior Manager at PS Business Management where she’s developed her skills over the last 14+ years. Cat takes pride in her work and the attention to detail she affords all of her clients. Prior to joining PSBM, Cat gained a wide variety of experience and knowledge in the music industry and accounting. Business management was the perfect fit for Cat as she always had the goal of assisting the artist in any way possible so they could focus on creating their art.

Over the years in business management, Cat has worked with clients across the spectrum, from newly emerging artists to established arena acts, Cat works to bring personal attention and care to each client, no matter what path or place they are in their career. Each day is a “pinch me” moment as she gets to work with some of her favorite acts and the hardest working and supportive team to help get it all done.

Common Pitfalls in Leveraging Your Music Catalog and How to Maintain Ongoing Cash Flow

10/10/23, 3:00 PM

This panel will explore the common pitfalls a creative can encounter when leveraging their music catalog. There are a growing number of alternative funding options these days, so it’s imperative that musicians and their teams weigh all of the options to fully understand what they’re getting and what they’re giving up.

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