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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Damien Morjane

Damien Morjane

Founder, Rights’Up and Eddy

Damien started in the music scene producing live events in Brussels. In 2012 he co-founded Rights’Up. Rights’Up is administrating neighboring rights on behalf of record labels, artists and actors. Since its inception the goal was to offer an online service to handle every aspect of neighboring rights while collecting locally in every territory.

With neighboring rights clearly being technologically challenged, Rights’Up needed to develop its own platform. Damien’s role is focused on expanding Rights'Up's actor, artist and label roster -- his expertise in neighboring rights covers every aspect of it.

Damien is now focusing on launching Eddy, a new royalty software solution for independent record labels and artist-owned labels. Eddy provides for ease of set-up, contract management, import of multiple revenue sources and transparent royalty statement reporting for labels and their artists.

EnterGain Presents CEO Entrepreneurship

10/14/21, 6:00 PM

Innovation and disruption continue for both rights holders and digital services. Executive recruiter and talent strategy firm EnterGain hosts this panel with emerging music companies. Meet these founders and C Suite leaders and hear how they staff up and operationalize their next big ideas.

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