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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Dianne Krouse

Dianne Krouse

President and Co-Founder, Jam Galaxy

Dianne, President and Co-Founder of Jam Galaxy, is a visionary leader in the field of AI and music, utilizing her expertise in marketing strategy, data intelligence and blockchain technology to create decentralized systems that promote the betterment of humanity and the planet. With a decade of experience in developing successful loyalty marketing programs for major brands and startups, and a background in economics, finance and music, Dianne is uniquely qualified to design and implement innovative solutions that drive positive change for the creative arts. As a talented musician and multi-instrumentalist with a passion for performance and creative expression, Dianne brings a human touch and global perspective to her work in AI, making her a truly visionary leader in the field. Her ultimate goal is to create emergent benevolent beneficial AI for Good, bringing out the best in humanity, nature and the planet. Dianne plays soprano saxophone in Jam Galaxy's Band "Desdemona's Dream" featuring Desdemona Robot, Sophia Robot's little sister.

Jam Galaxy Presents: AI in Music with blockchain -- Revolutionizing the Music Economy

10/10/23, 5:45 PM

Explore the transformative role of AI in the music industry. Discover how it amplifies creativity in production, rather than replacing the musicians.

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