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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Dilini Weerasooriya

Dilini Weerasooriya

Financial Advisor & Certified Financial Planner, Merrill Lynch

With past experience in non-profit and progressive causes, Dilini prides herself on being a not-your-typical Financial Advisor and Board-Certified Financial Planner who really understands the issues that affect musicians, and those who manage them, when it comes to handling their finances.

Her strong academic background and commitment to mentorship are a testament to her education-forward approach to breakdown personal finance in a way that helps artists feel more empowered when managing or trusting others with their financial interests.

Workshop: Are You Coachable?

10/16/20, 10:00 PM

What is Music Business Coaching and how do you know if you're ready for it? Come with your coaching questions at the ready -- the coaches are IN!

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