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Domenico Randazzo

Domenico Randazzo

Client Relations Specialist, Chartmetric

Domenico Randazzo is a Client Relations Specialist at Chartmetric. As a graduate of the Clive Davis Institute at NYU, Dom has gained a unique perspective on the intersection of music and technology in today’s marketplace. Having experience as a Billboard-charting singer/songwriter, producer and label administrator, Dom understands the challenges that artists and labels face at any stage of their career. Dom’s passion and knowledge for music and data-driven entrepreneurism gives Chartmetric clients a keen advantage when it comes to optimizing their marketing efforts and release strategies.

Advanced Marketing: How Brands & Artists Can Use Data, AI & Storytelling to Create Impactful Partnerships

10/13/23, 6:00 PM

The bond between music and brands has evolved dramatically from the initial days of partnerships where collaborations were often viewed with high levels of skepticism. Today, brands are not just a notable line item on the music industry's balance sheet; they are actively playing a pivotal role in shaping artist trajectories, launching newcomers, and reinforcing superstar status.

As brand interest in music reaches new heights, the music industry faces a golden opportunity. By leveraging big data and AI, it can craft more poignant stories and develop cutting-edge content that truly resonates. To delve deeper into this melding of cultural taste, data and AI's role in brand partnerships, we welcome you to a panel discussion. Join industry experts Jesse Kirshbaum, Clayton Durant, and Domenico Randazzo as they share their insights, offering guidance to marketers, agents and managers on how best to shape brand partnerships that foster mutual growth and shared success.

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