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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Drea Jo

Drea Jo

Journalist/Mindset Coach, Music Connection Magazine

Drea Jo is a SoCal-based writer, artist advocate and consultant that helps artists, songwriters and composers break through barriers to reach career heights. Mindset Coaching, press outreach, bios, branding and EPKs: she shares her invaluable expertise for both established and ascending music creators.

As a freelance live performance reviewer, features writer and editor of the SongBiz column for Music Connection magazine, her behind-the-scenes knowledge brings industry insight from across the board — in front of and behind the stage.

Magnetize and Thrive in the Attention Economy

10/12/23, 3:00 PM

Join the conversation with perspectives from the manager, tech/app, publicity and press viewpoints. Learn the best ways to stand out, attract, captivate and retain your audience as an independent artist in the constantly evolving and tech-driven attention economy. You've got the level playing field, how do you win the game? This session will provide valuable insights.

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