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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Ed Keller

Ed Keller

Creative Director, SingularityNET

Ed Keller's research and practice explores the structures of feeling which link cultural, infrastructural, ecological, and techno social systems, revealing emergent terrestrial and cosmopolitical potential. He is a designer, professor, writer, technologist and musician, and with Carla Leitão, a co-founder of Spec.AE/AUM Studio design research and architecture offices. Keller & Leitão have convened 20+ international conferences and lecture series.

Current consulting and academic positions include Creative Director at SingularityNET; curator/mentor with the Madrid MediaLAB Synthetic Intelligence Lab#03; affiliate researcher with the Antikythera program; and Creative Director with the Venice Virtual Pavilion, Venice Architecture Biennale 2023.

From 2020-23, he was co-founder/co-director of the Post Planetary Universal Design Program at The New Centre; from 2012-20, Director of the Center for Transformative Media [CTM] at The New School; from 2009-20, Associate Professor at Parsons School of Design. In a prior arc, he taught advanced architectural design studios, theory and digital techniques at Columbia University GSAPP, SCIArc, UPenn, Pratt, FIU, and RPI, from 1998-2010.

Making Sure the AGI Revolution is Beneficial for Musicians and Their Fans

10/10/23, 2:00 PM

As AI approaches and in some ways exceeds human capability, what AI tools should be created to promote emergent human-machine creativity?

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