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Emmanuel Zunz

Emmanuel Zunz

Founder & CEO, ONErpm

Emmanuel Zunz is the founder and driving force of ONErpm. His blazing drive to grow ONErpm into a global leader has defined his life since this fiercely independent company began in 2010. With 22 global offices in 12 countries, ONErpm stands today at the forefront of the new music economy, delivering scalable music business solutions to over 600,000 artists and video creators as well as music labels and publishers worldwide.

Like ONErpm itself, Zunz’s personal story and passions are an amalgam of music, business and global socioeconomics. Born in France and raised in Virginia, Zunz started out his career in the music industry as a Seattle-based classical guitarist. His varied passions led him back east to pursue a graduate degree in international studies, and he merged the two interests by launching Verge Records in 2005, a social enterprise designed to help artists from underserved communities around the globe. Zunz saw the digital music landscape shifting, however, and Verge metamorphosed into ONErpm in 2010.

Now this full-service company serves up a host of innovative solutions covering distribution and marketing, label services, production, rights management, analytics/business intelligence, accounting and more to support all aspects of its clients’ business. ONErpm also operates one of the world’s largest Multi-Channel Networks (MCN) on YouTube, generating 9 billion plays per month with 900 million subscribers across more than 4000 channels.

Under his leadership, ONErpm has unveiled a new proprietary state-of-the-art platform boasting a streamlined user interface that combines daily performance statistics and demographic consumption data with turnkey direct-to-fan marketing tools.

Zunz has been featured on Fox News, CNN, NPR, on the cover of Rolling Stone Brazil, in Billboard and Performer Magazine. He has spoken at numerous industry panels including Billboard Latin Music Conference, New Music Seminar, SXSW, CMJ and the Folk Alliance International Conference.

EnterGain Presents CEO Entrepreneurship

10/14/21, 6:00 PM

Innovation and disruption continue for both rights holders and digital services. Executive recruiter and talent strategy firm EnterGain hosts this panel with emerging music companies. Meet these founders and C Suite leaders and hear how they staff up and operationalize their next big ideas.

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