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Gabriel Axel Montes

Gabriel Axel Montes

Founder & CEO, Neuralprint & Pathform

Gabriel Axel Montes, PhD, is a neuroscientist, consciousness researcher and enthusiast, facilitator and musician. He has 15 years of fusing neuroscience with mind-hacking, conducting research and teaching globally. He is the founder of Neuralprint, a patent-pending brainwave-based authentication technology, and of Pathform, a mind-hacking platform for cultivating qualities of consciousness. He is a founding member and guitarist of the world's first music act featuring an AI-powered humanoid robot vocalist, Desdemona's Dream (aka Jam Galaxy Band). Gabriel has been working in emerging technologies since 2017, including AI, virtual reality, blockchain, robotics and internet-of-things. He advises on the integration of these technologies in the form of the "Spatial Web" and espouses beneficent orchestration of technological advancement and digital transformation, oriented toward resolving collective global challenges. Gabriel is a father, husband, avid world traveler and his passion is adventures in consciousness and their application in real-world scenarios.

AI-Generated Music vs. Human: Can We Tell the Difference?

10/10/23, 8:00 PM

Can AI music trigger the same type of feelings we get when we listen to our favorite songs or beats? We discuss this fascinating topic.

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