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Grace Blake

Grace Blake

Programming Director, City Winery NYC, Pier 57 and Hudson Valley

Grace Blake is a music industry veteran, producer of two award winning PBS series “Front and Center” and “Speakeasy," highlighting musical performances by superstar musical talent such as Shawn Mendes, Sheryl Crow, Gary Clark, Jr., Liam Gallagher, and many more. She has also produced season one of MTV Live Set List, with performances by Dua Lipa, Kaleo, Børns, etc.

Blake is the Programming Director at City Winery NYC, Pier 57 and Hudson Valley. She brings with her many years of artist relations, programming, production, talent buying and valued relationships with industry professionals.

Since May of 2020 Grace has served as Co-Executive Director of My Good (, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization she co-founded with Charyn Harris and Grammy award singer Macy Gray. The organization’s primary goal is to provide support, mental health services and legal resources for the mothers and families who have lost loved ones due to police violence and brutality. My Good is not an anti-police organization.

In December 2014, Grace was recognized and inducted as a Great Music Manager & Promoter at Iridium in the New York Blues Hall of Fame.

Blake currently serves a Board member for NIVA (National Independent Venues Association), and as an Advisory Board member of NYIVA (New York Independent Venues Association).

Born in Jamaica, raised in Kingston, Ontario Canada, Blake is one of the most respected music industry veterans worldwide.

Build your Booking Network Through Creative Local Opportunities

10/13/23, 5:00 PM

Booking shows in any city can sometimes feel like a crap shoot. Knowing where to seek opportunities that build out your booking network helps ensure you create valuable relationships and a range of local fans. Learn from a variety of players in the live music landscape including independent venues, community programming, cultural institutes, etc. about how they approach programming, what relationships lead to more opportunities and why supporting micro music communities are always a win.

Not every artist will sell out ticketed shows or make money from streams. But there are live booking opportunities that help ensure you can solidify an anchor date in a city market.

Unscrewing the Fans: Live Event Industry Changes on the Horizon

10/12/23, 4:00 PM

In the year of the $1,000 concert ticket, the world at large has added insight into deceptive ticketing practices. Fans now expect to be overcharged, erroneously thinking the artist, promoter, or ticketing company is benefiting from the inflated costs. But who really is? These stakeholders across the live event industry discuss the tools being used, and changes on the horizon that make it easier for fans to see shows at the prices the artist sets.

The State of the Music Business: Live Music’s Long Road Back to Normal

10/11/22, 2:00 PM

After a harrowing couple of years for the live-entertainment industry, the coronavirus has diminished and artists and festivals are back at nearly full strength. But with a glut of tours and festivals competing for limited fan budgets amid record-high ticket prices and an uncertain economy, how is it all going? We kick off Mondo 2022 with live music leaders and what promises to be a lively -- and important -- discussion.

NIVA Presents Building Back Better pt. 2: Being a Better Neighbor

10/15/21, 7:00 PM

Independent music and entertainment venues are for the community by the community; every day, their owners and staff do much more than entertain us. Join venue leaders from all over the country as they discuss how they became anchors of their community, what it takes to be a good neighbor, and how they are working to build back better post-pandemic.

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