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Hector Baldonado

Hector Baldonado

Principal Attorney, The Baldonado Group, P.C.

Hector Baldonado is on a mission to empower exceptionally talented people, especially those that come from marginalized communities. As founding partner and principal attorney of The Baldonado Group, P.C., he is well known in the entertainment industry as a fierce negotiator who pushes hard and closes complex, lucrative deals for his clients, a list that includes music superstars, record labels and various entertainment companies. For Baldonado and his team, however, success boils down to one crucial thing. “I change people's lives for the better,” he says.

Baldonado attended Fordham University School of Law and founded his practice in 2002. He believes that his experience growing up in a low-income neighborhood in Colón, Panama allows him to relate to many of his clients who may have been raised in poverty, but now find themselves navigating world-shifting opportunities and corporate settings that can appear intimidating at first. “I'm hopeful that even if some of my clients don't become the biggest artists in the world, these new opportunities will give them the mindset that they’re not ever going backwards,” Baldonado says. “They will only want to go forward, do the right things the right way, and maintain success for themselves and their families.”

The Baldonado Group, P.C. has represented numerous high-profile clients, including Moneybagg Yo, Juice Wrld and Trippie Redd. Hector has also negotiated the sales of record labels, publishing companies, merchandising companies, talent/booking agencies and management companies. As an attorney who primarily works with artists, Hector’s approach is to home in on the creative nature of his job. “I like to be a bit more artistic in how I work,” he explains. “I have to be able to really interact with clients, give them my opinion, and make it clear that there's more to the law than just the transaction.”

Change is the only constant in the entertainment industry, and stakeholders now continue to adjust to longstanding business models to account for increased digitization. Hector Baldonado is uniquely positioned to help clients navigate and exploit these changing tides. His diligent work throughout his career has allowed him to create a network that has proven invaluable to his clients, and his constant eye towards what’s next ensures that they are always maximizing their earning potential.

Practice Areas:

• Entertainment Law
• Executive Compensation
• Business Formation and Business Counsel
• Asset Sales

CLE 2023: Piracy and Streaming Fraud in the Digital Music Era

10/13/23, 7:00 PM

In the modern music industry, billions of dollars are routed through digital service providers each year. As digital music has evolved, one of the most pressing issues facing creators (and their business partners) has shifted from piracy to fraud. Streaming fraud reportedly costs the industry up to $1B annually as fraudsters manipulate DSPs into making wrongful payments. This panel will discuss the breadth and depth of those schemes along with the actions taken by DSPs and other stakeholders to disrupt them, as well as examine the degree to which piracy is still a threat to the industry today.

CLE: Re-Examining the Artist’s Bargaining Power in Entertainment Agreements

10/14/22, 1:00 PM

Throughout the digital/streaming era of music the institutional stakeholders of the industry have consistently increased what they “ask” of performing artists when bargaining over key agreements. This discussion will seek to illuminate the factors animating this trend; to compare the bargaining power of artists in this generation to that of artists from previous generations; to analyze specific rights that were previously considered inviolable but are now customarily conceded by artists in exchange for greater “artist support”; and, to evaluate whether this shift works to the benefit or detriment of individual artists and the industry at large. (Mondo attendees are welcome to attend all CLE panels.)

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