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J Bonilla

J Bonilla

Creative Partner/Founder, The Elements Music

J Bonilla is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of award-winning Los Angeles and London music production and sonic branding company The Elements Music. 
He began his career engineering, programming, remixing, and producing records for some of the world’s biggest artists: Taylor Swift, Black Eyed Peas, Maroon 5, Keith Urban and Christina Aguilera.

His co-founding partner, Ian Dalsemer. also began his music career in the studio, engineering for some of the industry’s top artists (Beyonce, Elton John, Wu-Tang Clan, Dr. Dre). Together, the duo pivoted to music for picture, and set out to create a music company that would be regarded as best-in-class at creating authentic "mini-records."

Over a decade later The Elements has a roster of hundreds of the best independent artists and composers from around the globe, a robust production team in their Los Angeles and London offices, and a body of work that includes brands such as Nike, Samsung, BMW, Google, NBA, Porsche, Dyson and Uber to name a few -- as well as working directly with leading TV networks, video game companies and production companies.

GMS 2020: AI and Data for Music & Media: A Brave New World

10/15/20, 6:00 PM

We drill down into the impact of emerging technologies, artificial intelligence and data collection/analytics on the world of Music Supervision. How does emerging tech influence the creation, selection and use of music in media? We’ll highlight some of our favorite bleeding edge tech.

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