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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Jackie Corbett

Jackie Corbett

Creative Partnerships Director, Marmoset

Jackie Corbett is the Creative Partnerships Director at Marmoset Music where she builds and maintains client relationships around Marmoset’s independent music catalog with creators, producers and music supervisors at brands, agencies and broadcast/media networks. Jackie is also the leader of Marmoset's Greater Good Team, spearheading the donation of 10% of company profits and engaging employees in volunteer opportunities. Prior to joining Marmoset in 2021, Jackie was the Director of Creative Licensing & Business Affairs at Zync Music where she spent 8 years working in areas such as creative music pitching, rights clearance, publishing administration, A&R and business & legal affairs. Jackie is an alumnus of Syracuse University's Bandier Program for Recording and Entertainment Industries and has an MBA from NYU with a concentration in sustainability and innovation.

GMS 2022: Crafting Niche Music Soundtracks for Film/TV

10/13/22, 7:30 PM

Is weaving the perfect soundtrack akin to method acting? How do you inhabit the minds of the people portrayed on screen and select the right music to support or drive their stories? Hear NYC music supervisors from across a spectrum of diverse film and TV work discuss their approaches to the craft.

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