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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Jamie Gale

Jamie Gale

Founder, Jamie Gale Music

Industry insider, educator, consultant and curator of the Boutique Guitar Showcase. Jamie has shared his unique perspective on the un-written future of guitar in many of the world’s most prestigious institutions, from instrument-making schools with centuries-old traditions in Europe to the Harvard graduate school of design. Having worked in almost every aspect of the guitar industry -- from touring musician to retail, distribution and manufacturing -- enables him to see things from many different perspectives. Jamie's work with the Boutique Guitar Showcase on Tour provides annual trips to more than 25 cities in 11 countries, helping to keep a pulse on the global musical instrument industry, customer perspectives and needs. These days Jamie is intent on working with as many other creative disciplines as possible to find new perspectives and synergies for the future.

AI-Generated Music vs. Human: Can We Tell the Difference?

10/10/23, 8:00 PM

Can AI music trigger the same type of feelings we get when we listen to our favorite songs or beats? We discuss this fascinating topic.

AI Think Tank

10/10/23, 6:15 PM

This is your chance to voice your opinion on the impact of AI in the music industry. Open your mind and let us know what you think. Don’t be shy!

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