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Janine Scalise

Janine Scalise

Music Supervisor, The L Word: Generation Q/Founder, Moxie Music Supervision

In 2019 Janine Scalise launched Moxie Music Supervision as a one-stop shop for all elements of music supervision, music licensing, procuring original songs from artists and related consulting; offering all of her expertise in both the art and business of joining music with visual entertainment mediums. She recently completed work on the TV series “L Word: Generation Q” season 2 for Showtime and is currently working on the TV series “Better Things” season 5 for FX (with Nora Felder) and “Untitled Animation Series” for Amazon and Sony Studios.

Before Moxie Music, Janine worked at Starz Networks for 14 years as the sole music executive. Having long held hybrid positions that straddled the creative and business sides of music supervision, Janine is uniquely placed to navigate strategic music licensing negotiations, procurement of original songs, curation, label and publishing relations, budgeting and more. Janine did it all at Starz, including single-handedly creating a music department and spearheading the formation of the network’s music publishing arm. Both right- and left-brained, she simultaneously sourced/assessed creative direction and provided business affairs function while leading diverse projects across multiple forms of media.

From her earliest days as a teenage radio station intern, Janine has had a passion for the visual aspects of music. “My very first film production project in high school was cutting Desert Storm footage to Rage Against the Machine,” she said. “Putting together music with images just sent shivers down my spine. It was crystal clear to me that I was making sense of the visual aspects of music.”

Janine’s worked with top talent (composers, artists, directors, actors and producers) while successfully sourcing potential music concepts for production. This included commissioning original songs from the likes of 50 Cent (“Power”), Nick Cave (“Black Sails”) and Karen O (“Flesh & Bone”). Janine has worked with lauded composers including Bear McCreary, Daniele Luppi, Dave Porter, Kris Bowers and Ludwig Gorannson.

GMS 2021: A Deep Dive into the Music of Showtime's The L Word – Generation Q

10/14/21, 10:00 PM

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