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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Jennifer Newman Sharpe

Jennifer Newman Sharpe

General Counsel and Head of Legal & Business Affairs, Exceleration Music

Jennifer Newman Sharpe is General Counsel and Head of Legal & Business Affairs at Exceleration Music, a partnership of global music industry leaders who invest in the future of independent labels and artists. At Exceleration, Jennifer oversees all legal needs of the company, including overseeing business affairs needs for many of Exceleration's strategic partners, including Plus One, Kill Rock Stars, Alligator Records, SideOneDummy Records, Heroic Music Group, Bloodshot Records, and Candid. Jennifer also leads all legal and diligence needs associated with Exceleration's acquisitions and investments, most recently, the acquisition of Redeye International and Yep Roc Records. Prior to Exceleration, Jennifer worked as General Counsel and Head of Business Affairs at ONErpm, a leading, global label services and digital distribution company and one of the largest music multi-channel networks on YouTube.

An award-winning advocate for gender equality in the music industry, Jennifer currently serves on the advisory board of the non-profit organization Women in Music, after being on the Board of Directors for nearly a decade with five years as Vice President. Jennifer also serves as an advisory board member to A2IM. Jennifer has co-founded a number of music tech start-ups, including Sparkplug, an online marketplace for musicians to rent instruments from each other, which was acquired in 2019, and Cosynd, a collaborative contract administration platform for creators of intellectual property. Prior to working in house, Jennifer was in private practice, representing a variety of clients such as independent record labels, recording artists, songwriters, publishing companies, tech startups and music producers.

Breaking the Mold: Business Models of the Future

10/10/23, 7:00 PM

With new, boundless technology shaping the way companies are formed and operating comes wholly new business models. Our industry has not always been known to quickly shift and adapt; when Napster and streaming first came onto the scene the music industry was rigid -- now we pride ourselves on being fluid and flexible. In this discussion leaders will dissect different emerging business models, management structures and the ways they impact industry collaboration and revenue collection.

CLE: Rites of Passage: Licensing Rights for Emerging Platforms

10/14/22, 8:00 PM

As gaming platforms, the metaverse, new social networks, and other innovative technologies gain prevalence, it is essential that these companies license all required music rights on a global scale and that rightsholders are able to collect the resulting payments. This panel will take a deep dive into the current global licensing landscape, exploring the challenges that technology companies face when launching new platforms and apps, best practices in licensing, opportunities for improvement in the market, direct licensing vs. CMOs, and issues with cross-border royalty collections. (Mondo attendees are welcome to attend all CLE panels.)

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