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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Jim Leavitt

Jim Leavitt

Senior Director Music Partnerships & Talent Relationships, Ubisoft

Jim Leavitt has a diverse background in music marketing and sync licensing. He offers experienced perspective from every angle of the music business.

He has worked at record labels including Arista, Imago, ZE Records and 2/13/61 as a product manager, marketing consultant and creative director. He also worked in music publishing at ARC Music Group (home to Chess Records, Vee Jay Records and Brunswick Records publishing and Greensleeves Music/STB Music Publishing) and as an indie music supervisor.

In a culmination of these experiences in the music industry, Jim has recently just run the sync and licensing team at The Orchard for eight and a half years and recently brought all this experience to Ubisoft as the Senior Director of Music Partnerships and Talent Relationship for the music educational platform Rocksmith+.

Music & Gaming: Anatomy of a Successful Integration

10/12/22, 3:00 PM

This panel will take a deep dive into recent successful integrations between music and video games. Hear firsthand accounts from our panelists as they take you from the genesis of the concept, through the creative and development process, to the challenges faced and lessons learned. Learn how professionals define and measure successful integrations and explore potential opportunities.

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