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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Katie Tuten

Katie Tuten

Founder/Co-Owner, The Hideout

Katie Tuten is a founder and co-owner of the Hideout in Chicago for the past 25 years. The Hideout is consistently listed as one of the best loved music venues in Chicago and around the world. For over two decades Katie has identified, supported, promoted and consulted artists, musicians, small business owners and not for profit organizations. For thirty years, Katie has worked for not for profit organizations. Katie is a social justice activist involved in numerous projects. Katie is an Advisory Board Member of Chicago Film Archives, After Supper Visions; and Board member of BandWith. Katie is considered a highly respected leader understanding the intersection between art, music, culture, politics, education and social justice. She is the founder and Co-Chair of Chicago Independent Venue League (CIVL). CIVL was established to unite and organize many of the diverse music venues in Chicago. CIVL unites the voices, best practices and common concerns of the independent small venues in Chicago. Ms. Tuten is a founding member of NIVA National Independent Venue Association. Ms. Tuten was the Recipient of the Foundation of Music 2017 Award. The Hideout was named Chicagoan of the Year 2019. Ms. Tuten won the Venues Now 2020 award. Ms. Tuten received the 2021 Executive Service Corps Nonprofit Board Member of the Year Award for her work with BandWith.

NYC Nightlife United x Mondo with VibeLab: Elevating Nightlife's Cultural Status Through Community Engagement

10/15/21, 4:00 PM

With the Nightlife industry deemed not essential during the pandemic, we will explore best practices with colleagues nationwide on how to collaborate with your neighborhood to ensure reciprocal support with local residents.

NIVA Presents The Fight of the Indie Venue: An Accounting

10/15/20, 5:00 PM

Six months into the COVID-19 crisis there is no timeline for when the music will start to play again. Faced with the threat of extinction, independent venues have come together, launching NIVA and rallying behind the #SaveOurStages campaign that, so far, has generated over 2 million letters of support to Congress. Meet the community members and leaders that make the backbone of our music ecosystem as they describe the state of affairs, their coming together, and what's next in their fight for survival.

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