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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Kofi Mensah

Kofi Mensah

Artist Manager, MMF Africa

Kofi started his professional journey in the music business as music manager over a decade ago where he managed artist tours and brand partnerships in Africa, EU and US.

One of these partnerships led him to join Fortune 500 telecom and tech firms as lead events & project management.

He now combines his experience in music business and tech on his new venture sagos Distro, providing sustainable music and video distribution together with career growth opportunities for artists and small labels.

Unlocking a Global Artist Knowledge Network, Presented by MMF-US & IMMF

10/11/22, 8:00 PM

MMF-US and its members are part of the global International Music Managers Forum, one of music’s largest networks, covering artists and their representatives in over 60 countries. The moment artists upload a track to the web, they are trading internationally, below the line comments on streaming platforms are posted seamlessly by global audiences united without borders. Artists work globally. However, business models, copyright policies, and where revenue is found varies country by country. Which considerations might artist's businesses take into account when developing international audiences and revenues? Which markets are most interesting? How can artists and their business representatives build their own networks and skills? The world is huge; local knowledge is essential for thinking globally and acting locally.

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