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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Luis Rivera

Luis Rivera

General Manager of White Oak Music Hall

General Manager of WOMH since Jan 2020 (Perfect timing). Concert Ops Director/Asst GM for 2 years prior to that. I've been affiliated with White Oak Music Hall since opening in 2016.

NIVA Presents Independent Venues: Heritage & Heartbeat

10/15/20, 6:00 PM

In big cities and small towns alike, independent music venues are central to the cultural fabric of our communities: places for like-minded folks to gather, exchange ideas, share art, support one another, and lock the stresses of everyday life outside for a few hours. As a global pandemic has temporarily shuttered these artistic hubs, our collective tension shows us that we miss them even more than we thought we might, absolutely proving their place as an integral part of our lives. Join venue owners and others as they share their stories and discuss the impact of their gathering places on our communities.

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