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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Mark Williamson

Mark Williamson

Co-Founder & CEO, ROSTR

Mark Williamson joined Spotify in 2011 and helped start -- and then ran -- the artist relations team there for almost a decade. He likes to joke that he spent that first five years at Spotify getting shouted at about streaming economics and then the next few years getting shouted at when artists didn't get on the New Music Friday playlist. He wishes that was just a joke.

After leaving Spotify, Mark founded ROSTR, a startup building technology to help create a fairer and more connected music industry. ROSTR tracks hundreds of thousands of relationships across the music industry in an effort to make it easier to navigate.

Mark currently lives in Baja, Mexico, with his wife and two boys.

The Future of Financial Rights: Tackling the Information Imbalance in the Music Industry

10/14/21, 2:00 PM

The music industry is as defined by the dizzying pace of innovation as it is the opaque and convoluted business structures that have been entrenched in the industry for decades. Music professionals must keep their fingers on the pulse of cutting-edge business opportunities or risk being left behind. Managers, artists and other industry insiders have more options than ever to share, discover and debate industry news, trends and best practices. This panel will dig into the new wave of companies and leaders who are working to bridge the “information imbalance” in the music industry via Discord communities, newsletters and other new platforms and how they are helping to democratize the power structures in music today.

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