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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Mike Lynn

Mike Lynn

Director of Music, Open Road LA

Mike Lynn is a trailer Music Supervisor and Director of Music for trailer house Open Road, where he's spent the entirety of his 10+ career in supervision. In that time he has worked on countless theatrical and streaming trailers, broadcast promos, special shoots, video game advertising, behind the scenes and home video content -- just about every A/V marketing avenue you could imagine. He has contributed to trailers for award winning campaigns such as Mad Max, Wonderwoman, The Twilight Zone, This Is Us, Judas and the Black Messiah and The Irishman. His extensive experience in trailers has led to an increasingly hands-on approach to creating custom music, and credits the new wild world of custom trailer overlays, covers and remixes for reigniting his passion for music production, and the limitless possibilities we have as creatives to explore and continually reinvent ourselves and the industry around us.

GMS 2021: Custom Overlays: The New “Trailer Remixes” Sponsor: Proper One Music Licensing

10/14/21, 6:00 PM

A conversation celebrating one of the many trends in the trailer world whereby new music beds – via custom overlays – have essentially created remixes and, as a result, created a new lane in musical genres: trailerization. Trailerization is the reimagining of songs to fit into a trailer or promo for film and TV marketing.

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