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Paul Bennun

Paul Bennun

Chief Content Officer, KCRW

Paul is an executive with several decades experience working creatively and strategically at the junction of content and technology. Throughout his career, he’s been a leading practitioner in radio, audio and interactive entertainment. Co-founder of the UK’s largest radio production company, he led it to becoming the largest external provider to the BBC of radio, interactive content and video games. The company was twice awarded BAFTA’s "Production Company of the Year" award. After working to create critical audio VR hits such as Papa Sangre, Paul moved to the USA in 2016. He is now CCO of KCRW.

Radio, Live Transmission

10/16/20, 4:00 PM

Radio is still the number one source for new music discovery. With the emergence of new technologies and devices there are more ways than ever for audiences to discover new music and these new technologies are also providing new ways for radio stations to deliver their content to listeners. A Nielsen survey found that 83% of consumers say they’re listening to as much or more radio as they were before the pandemic. Radio has been around for over 100 years and is ever changing and dependable -- on our panel radio leaders discuss how they see the future of this vital format.

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