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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Raimundo Aguirre Del Rio

Raimundo Aguirre Del Rio


Executive Producer and Agent, a music business pro from Chile. Founder of Eroica P. independent label and music agency, director of IMICHILE trade association and CEO of export office Sonidos de Chile, executive producer of Fluvial Musica y Ciudad, the Chilean music conference held annually in the city of Valdivia, and Director of the Puchuncahuin festival. I’ve worked with many artists, and been in multiple projects, panels and work tables for the music industry both in Chile and abroad. Always helping to articulate and strengthen the independent industry and the construction of a network that allows this and the music we all make a better way to connect.

Be Present Everywhere: Intros & Connections

10/12/21, 8:30 PM

"BPE," inaugurated at Mondo 2020, is an offering of committed global speakers/experts networking and sharing their businesses and missions with each other and with the global music community. It was created to celebrate, educate and forward ongoing music business through the pandemic, while most of us are working remotely. It's what has kept many music conferences, "conferences," while operating virtually; the interactions, introductions, contacts shared, networking have shown the value and necessity of community in a uniquely isolated time. With many thousands of intros and personal (virtual) meetings between delegates and well over 250 speakers from many countries; speaker and delegate contacts distributed globally; communities connected, networked and shared; we'll never know all the "results" of these sessions. These can be lifetime, life and business changing relationships and they have been useful and enjoyable, with intensity, care and hilarity during a shared global and for most, very personal, crisis. Join the fun and participate.

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