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Rich Sica

Rich Sica

Manager of Commercial Music, Creative Licensing, TikTok

Equal parts music nerd and knowledge hunter, Rich Sica is one of the music licensing leads at everyone’s favorite creative platform, TikTok, overseeing music strategy, custom music, and licensing and supervision for third-party brands on the East Coast. With a constant curiosity and burning desire to see where the music industry is going, Rich finds that his passion for music is what has driven every step of his career. Starting out at Sony, then shifting to TouchTunes (yes, that machine at your old favorite bar), and eventually hopping over to the agency side, provided Rich with a well-rounded background on music operations as well as insight into how brands tend to utilize music. He was able to grow his network to include record labels, music publishers, custom music houses and brand marketers. In his current role, Rich has worked with big and small brands alike across multiple verticals, from tech to CPG to beauty and fashion.

GMS 2021: Thinking Music First on TikTok

10/14/21, 9:00 PM

TikTok has seen tremendous user growth and engagement over the last year. A sound-on platform, TikTok is reestablishing the important role of music in short form content. Through the lens of the recently launched JIF campaign featuring Ludacris, we explore some of the creative ways brands are activating on platform by thinking music first.

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